Monday, June 20, 2011

Follow me on You tube!!

I'm now officially a Youtuber!!!! Wooo hoooo!! I broke down, lost the nerves(not so much) and did my very first youtube video!!! It was pretty good, I think, for it to be my first!!! I had so much fun doing the first video, that I actually did a second, and I am uploading it as we speak, or type!!

The first video is of a mini album that is in Progress, NOT FINISHED, story of my life....the second is of a mini I received through the Sisterhood Swap group, Mini swap at Bella Creations. Come play maybe you'll be my partner and I can show off your gorgeous creation on a video!!!

Okay so here is my YT channel addy, come subscribe...perty please!!!!

Woo to t ball practice!!!!


  1. Hey girlie, I watched your "movie" again last night. You were born a star!