Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friend...a mini for my dad on Father's day

So last night I had to stay up late late, I mean way past my bed time to finish a mini album that I was asked to do for a client, and I will share it with you in just a bit, but first I want to show ya'll a mini that I somehow threw together at around 3am this morning!!!

My father has always had a dog obsession, I mean he almost loves them as much as he does his own kids, maybe a lil more, but anyways....I thought what better to do than make him a mini to show off his current loves, Bonnie and Clyde. Two lil pugs that have stolen my dad's heart!!!!

I took a set of TH clock dies, and added all my vintage embellies I could find....threw in some G45 Proper Gentleman pp and here ya have it!!! I would like to give credit to the clock mini idea to an awesome friend, Carla....she made an amazing mini with this die and I was totally inspired by it!! THANKS CARLA!!!!

So here are my pics...enjoy!!

I so love the way this mini turned out and sure hope that my dad loves it as much as I loved creating it for him!!! LOVE YA DAD!!!!

I also worked on, and finished...waaaa hooooo.......a mini album for a client. She asked me to create a mini for a friend of hers who loves bags and purses, and being that I love vintage, I went with a vintage Hollywood Vogue theme...lots of purples, black, and turquoise!!! Yummy lil book for a happy customer!!!

Okay, well it's time for me to clean up the humungous mess I created last night, later gaters!!!!

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