Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pin wheel flower tutorial.

Here is a tutorial for my version of a pin wheel flower.

1. First gather your supplies: 5x5 sheet of paper, 4x4 sheet paper, adhesive, hole punch, a brad, and a pencil.

2. First take your 5x5 piece of paper and cut at each corner almost to the center. Make sure and don't cut all the way to center.

3. Take and bend one corner to the center and glue. Fold the next corner in and repeat with the other two corners.

4. Punch a hole through the center of the flower.

5. Repeat the entire process with your 4x4 piece of paper and then place the smaller flower in the center of the larger flower, making sure to line up the holes. Place a brad in the holes to hold the two flowers together.

6. Take a pencil and curl the edges of the petals. the more you curl the better the flower will look.

7. Fluff your flower and adjust to your liking, and there you go, a really pretty, simple flower.


  1. Your version is the best version that I have see out there and you better believe you will see them on one of my layouts real soon! Thank you for the tutorial! You rock girl!

  2. love your version of these flowers. I will be giving these a try. TFS