Thursday, September 22, 2011

My first attempt at cards...

Okay so I have never really been a card maker, I always ran from the chance to make one. For some reason they really intimidated me and I wanted no part of them. I always sadi they were too dang small and I just can't work like that....but can do a toilette paper roll mini no proble, GO FIGURE!!!!!

But yesterday after getting some much needed advice from My Care Bear, Carrie Taylor I sat down and tried. She told me, " They are just like the pages to a mini" SOOOOO TRUE!!!!!!!! Once I sat down and actually put my mind to it they just seemed to come so easily!!!!!!

So from now on I think I will be drawing inspiration for my mini albums from cards, and vice versa. I think for now I am stuck on cards, so lets see......may even put some in the Marketplace of Bella Creations and my etsy store....hmmmmmmmm.

Here are a few pics of some I played with yesterday!!!!! Wooo hooooo....I can now call myself a cardmaker!!!!! I can die happy!!!!!!


  1. Your a pro!!! Your first attempt definitely yielded some beautiful creations!

  2. Girl you rocked your first attempt! They are all gorgeous! Hugs Bella!

  3. So sweet! LOL now I see card challenges, swaps in our future!

  4. Lacee, All of your cards are stunning! Hard to believe these are your first attempts! You rocked it!

  5. Your cards look like a pro made them. They are stunning!